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Nigel Holloway has been creating thought leadership since 2003. He was Research Director at the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), part of the Economist Group, in New York for seven years (2004-2011) and then VP of Research at ALM Legal Intelligence (ALI). Both at the EIU and ALI he ran a research department of 11 people, consisting of survey editors, editor/project managers, and data analysts.

Highlights include:

In the Dark (2004), a report for Deloitte on the importance of non-financial indicators of corporate health.

The future of marketing for Google (2006).

A global ranking of countries in an innovation index for Cisco (2007).

A report, Ready, Willing and Enabled: a formula for performance (2008), sponsored by Microsoft, on providing the right tools to enable workers to improve productivity.

An interactive Corporate Expectations Barometer, for SAP, that enabled executives to compare their views of future economic growth with those of their peers (2009).

The Big Tilt (2010), a special report, data dashboard and webinar that examined the business implications of the shift in the balance of economic power to Asia.

Before his involvement in thought leadership, Holloway was a senior editor and foreign correspondent at The Economist Newspaper, the Far Eastern Economic Review and Forbes.  He wrote and edited reports on a wide range of topics, including financial and commodity markets, technology, industrial development, macroeconomic policy, management practices, international trade and investment, and foreign and security policy.

Holloway has reported from Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa, and Australia.

While in Asia, he co-authored a book on the Japanese stock market, called Unequal Equities, and edited another, Japan in Asia.

He attended Magdalen College, Oxford, and Harvard University, and his first job after graduating from college, was as a News Trainee at the BBC in the UK.

He lives in St Louis, MO, and has three children.



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